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Why should be Learning Style to understand the students?

(260 Views) September 2, 2021 2:15 am | Published by | Comments Off on Why should be Learning Style to understand the students?
Oleh Nurjadid | Pendidik di MA Negeri Salatiga, Jawa Tengah | Education is a good profession, because there is a great responsibility over there. Educators must be able to create good relationships with their students. So that it will be more maximize in the class, not trapped in educational malpractices, we think one of the characteristics of this behavior is when educators turn off students’ creativity. When it has been stuck, the most mid set is looking for safety, comfort, finally doing nothing, giving up, enter the class notes only and then left, and so on. So the author focuses on pre-learning. There are three learning styles, namely “visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles”.

The first, students who belong to the visual style learn how to see the material or the person who teaches them, or more often use their left brain. According to psychologist think that the characteristic or (trademark) of visual students will usually tend to see : the text, colors, pictures, schedules, pictures, reading books, or looking at computer displays, more easily remember, understand directions and explanations in reading texts, understand through verbal instructions in remembering things, usually (introverts) are quiet and don’t like to be noisy, because they only pay attention to what they seen, like to write or read. LCD media can also be used to support the learning process, etc. This strategy is suitable for students of the Social.

The second, students with this style tend to explain orally. Auditory students are also used to remembering information through strong reading (reading aloud) or moving their lips when reading, especially when learning something new. Students can strengthen their memory by recording and then taking them home to continue study at home, interacting with each other. The students who have an auditory learning model are usually chatty children and are very happy to talk. So that they tend to talk a lot, in the English lessons, spelling bee games or spelling games can be practiced in a certain time with a certain number of words. So for the students who have an auditory learning style, the strategy for delivering material to their students is more about how active teachers speak. This strategy is suitable for students of social studies programs or classes in Social Sciences, like Languages program, Religion program. But it can also be applied in other study programs.

Third, students with this kinesthetic style tend to learn practically in the learning activities such as movements, responses, physical and emotional actions, or more use the right brain, creatively, socially, in the outdoor activities. Use with games before learning begins. So that educators do not easily feel bored in class. This strategy is suitable for students in the exact study program or the Mathematics and Natural Sciences class, although it can also be applied to other classes.
So the key is to be consistent, calm in dealing with students, avoid negative labeling, so it is better at the beginning of learning , the teachers have to recognize the characteristics of theirstudents, which is more dominant visual, auditory, kinesthetic? Although the class is diverse, it may also be changed occasionally, so that educators will forget a little boredom, anger, and stress, and avoid the educational malpractices.
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