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Mother’s traumatic (menado – US)

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By. NURJADID, M.Si | Educator MAN Salatiga

This story starts from the land of Manado, which is about a pair of young people who has a relationship. The girl is usually called with Renyta, while the boy is usually called with Mr. John. Firstly their relationship was a relationship between lecturer and student university, Mr. John Fall in Love with Renyta who has smart caracter, smart and beautiful child, because they have enough age of marriage, finally Mr. John decided to aske tobe his wife, and then they get marriage.

A few years later, the couple was blessed with a cute, healthy and smart son. But the gift of Allah SWT did not hold back. As go on by, suddenly Mr. John disappeared for several days and months, finally she try to visit the famous campus in the city of Manado, the response of the academic community said that Mr. John was continuing his studies abroad but he didn’t do the task of learning from the university where he worked, but his personal initiative and budget only, for renyta, like being swallowed up by the earth her husband disappeared and went away.

The problem appears in the real story here is mrs Renyta must take care her baby alone like single parent. Where renyta must fullfil all needs, mental needs such as school, affection, self-esteem, relationships with peers. And then physical needs such as nutritional intake which is one of the sources of individual development, all of which require money, where does she must fulfill all of the needs ?

There were some close friends of her husband who suggested to apply to the campus so that Mother Renyta could get a pension or retyre fund in order to ease the burden of supporting her son. While the process of applying for a retyre fund, Mrs. Renyta tries to apply her cooking hobby, works by serving snakcs orders, day by day she chnge to develop large meals, it seems that the hobby is starting to be attracted by customers, she gets orders that have experienced significant progress. Renyta empowers lecturers’ wives as well as PKK mothers to help her catering business.

During the time the business went on, a year later, the filing of the retyring fund that had been submitted to the campus was dropped, then the funds were increased and collected, also from the catering business it could produce a house and 2 cars.

Like wise with the baby who has reached adulthood, who wants to continue his studies at college, namely the University, his only one son (Aldy) begged his mother to be allowed to study and live in the city. With a very, very heavy heart, actually the mother refused, but because of her baby’s insistence, Renyta finally let him go, then her son went and looked for lodging near the campus.

Aldy begins to study, day by day, and finally he meets and makes relationship with a student, named Cyndi who is also a classmate, gradually as the Javanese term witing tresno jalaran soko kulino which means love is derived from the habit of hanging out with someone, Aldy finally falls in love. On one day they were dating, Aldy was invited by his girlfriend to have dinner in a cafe, then they chatted at the cafe, because they were so engrossed, lulled and very happy, they didn’t realize at that time they both wanted to go to the toilet. Aldy and Cyndi did not know that there was a drug trafficking syndicate around the cafe, it turned out that the syndicate put drugs or some kind of drug tablet into their drinking glasses, after leaving the toilet they continued their activity, automatically unconciusly they drink their drinks

Day by day they often come to the place, addicted to the drinks, then the syndicates approach Aldy, and offer these illegal drugs, aldy welcomes, finally Aldy becomes a drug user. Thus, the need to buy these illegal drugs increased, so she asked for an additional pocket money which was folded from her mother at home. Once or twice, Renyta’s mother was not suspicious, but because of the frequency or often of asking for additional pocket money, she finally became suspicious. Renyta’s mother tried to call her son’s renters many times but there was no answer, Renyta’s mother began to worry, worry. Then Renyta’s mother tried to go to her son’s rented house. But the renter say that, your son had been arrested by the police for a long time and was rehabilitated until he died. Renata’s mother was very shocked, twice experienced the shock of losing the people she loved.

One day, Mrs Renyta’s walked unsteadily through the city of Manado, accidentally bumped into someone on the road, namely a stranger who was walking with his wife (foreigner), excuseme what’s going on with you mrs? said the foreigner couple, because Mrs. Renyta was the best graduate during her college days, then Mrs. Renyta could also answer the foreigner’s question; oh I’m so sory. Then they sat in a chair and chatted, unexpectedly, facial expressions, gestures, smiles, etc., can be read by the foreigner, apparently the foreigner is a professor of psychology at the United State. The foreigner said you have a serous traumatics in your live, then Mrs. Renyta told her frankly, from when she was a teenager in college until she got married, was abandoned and had a son only, who also left her.

Finally the foreigner offered Renyta’s mother, if she wanted to go to America, to be able to forget her traumatic experiences, finally she wanted to join the Cauple, before leaving, Mrs. Renyta distributed tools for culinary cooking to the PKK mothers, lecturers, neighbors to be used, then donate a house for social activities in the village. Mrs. Renyta and the psycholoy professor went to United State. Then Renyta’s mother received regular treatments there, which finally made her happy to serve the psychology professor’s family.


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